In-Home Services Provided Include:

A holistic approach to health and wellness integrating physical, mental, social and nutritional health.

Wellness plans personalized for your individual pet’s needs:

  • Customized vaccination plans to minimize reactions
  • Parasite control - including heartworm testing and prevention as well as regular fecal exams
  • New puppy and kitten programs to get started with good nutrition and training
  • Senior health care plans for dogs and cats
  • New pet selection assistance to help make the best choice for your home and lifestyle

Behavior consultations to improve understanding and communication

Monitoring and follow-up care for chronic conditions such as diabetes and thyroid conditions, arthritis, and skin disease 

Herbal medicine - individualized treatments and supportive care, especially useful in chronic conditions, including liver disease, arthritis and cancer.

End-of-life and home hospice care to help maintain comfort in the late stages of terminal illness

Compassionate in-home euthanasia with provision for cremation, return of ashes and resources for grief support

Education and consultation on animal diseases of concern to immunocompromised people including children, the elderly, those on chemotherapy or having HIV