Welcoming the (Cold!) New Year

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It is an incredibly cold day on the first of January in Iowa. It was -21 degrees Fahrenheit overnight and -13 for a high temperature today! It seemed like a good time to provide some reminders and resources on winter care for our animals.

It is not the best day to stick to those New Year's Resolutions to walk the dog more. Our Labrador is dancing on the cold ground after just a few minutes to run out for a potty trip and he is usually very enthusiastic about the winter cold and snow! Remember that though their feet are much more tough than ours, the domestic animals that live in our homes may need some extra foot protection and/or limited time outdoors during these extreme conditions. Feet and belly fur should be rinsed after walking on salted roads and sidewalks as that can also cause irritation. Check pads for cracking or redness and watch for licking or limping.

Limit time outdoors for those not adapted to the cold and even then, this is an unusually cold snap for us following unseasonably warm temperatures just a few weeks ago. "Normal" adaptations may not be in place for us or our animals!

Here is some information from the American Veterinary Medical Association:

AVMA- Cold Weather Pet Safety

And from veterinarypartner.com:

Winter Holiday Hazards for Pets

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