New online store and pharmacy

After many years working with various suppliers and companies for medications and supplements, I have set up an online store and pharmacy to better serve my clients and patients and to simplify my own life. As a housecall veterinarian and herbalist, it is difficult to keep every possible medication in stock.

I will continue to keep the essentials on hand for personal delivery and use local human pharmacies, especially for more immediate needs. This store will be for pharmacy use and for items I do not keep in stock. I will also continue to make and deliver my own herbal formulations as those are individualized and from trusted professional quality herbal sources.

I have been concerned about supplements purchased from Amazon or other third party suppliers as they are not coming directly from the manufacturer and are more susceptible to tampering and poor handing (i.e. temperature control, etc.). With this new store, I can offer you a wide variety of products, often at a lower price, and be more sure of the handling and sourcing of these items without having to keep them all on hand myself.

Some products you will find are supplements and nutraceuticals such as
joint support (Dasuquin, MegaFlex and other glucosamine/chondroitin supplements), fish oil (RX Ultra, Nordic naturals, Welactin), Probiotics (RX Biotic), anti-oxidants (Cell Advance), anti-parasitics such as flea and tick preventatives (Frontline and others), heartworm prescription medications of all sizes and quantities (Heartgard, etc.), prescription diets (more choices for renal failure and other special diets including Honest Kitchen), anti-anxiety products (Feliway and Adaptil), and more. On the front page I have been able to add some of my favorites to help guide you. Please contact me before ordering anything you are unsure of as the number of products can be overwhelming. Prescription items will need a current exam and authorization before ordering

Here is the link:
Harmony Housecalls - Vets First Choice

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There is also a link on my home page.

And a coupon code for first time users: welcome62
There are other regular discounts and coupons so be sure to ask!

** Please talk to me before ordering as there are some products that I don't recommend and some that I have specific reasons for choosing for individual patients. This is not meant to substitute for our regular exam visits, but to enhance them with more care options and allow you to control purchasing.

I appreciate any input on your experience with this new store option, you are by no means obligated to use it.
Contact me with suggestions or needs.