Herbal Medicine

Herbal therapies can be very useful in the treatment and support of many conditions that our companion animals face. They also need to be approached with caution. With the general availability of herbs and supplements, it can be overwhelming trying to find what is best for your animal. This was my incentive for studying herbal medicine. Clients and friends would bring various supplements and ask about them, and with no knowledge, the only answer I had was, better safe than sorry - best to avoid them. It didn't seem like a very educated answer.

Over time, I found simple herbs that had such lovely, gentle, supportive effects, and I felt the need to learn more. From simple beginnings in my own garden, soon I was making ointments for skin wounds and seeing great results. I joined the VBMA (Veterinary Botanical Medical Association), a wonderful group of veterinary herbalists from all backgrounds. I completed the Graduate Diploma course in Veterinary Western Herbal Medicine from CIVT (College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies), created by veterinary herbalists Drs. Barbara Fougere and Susan Wynn, authors of the textbook "Western Veterinary Herbal Medicine". I continue to learn through teaching and conferences throughout the year. I frequently attend the annual meeting of the AHVMA (American Holistic Veterinary Medicine Association), where they have joint meetings with the VBMA and world-renown speakers on herbal medicine providing traditional and scientific perspectives. Over the years, I have studied Ayurvedic medicine, aromatherapy, and other forms of integrative medicine, always coming back to the herbs.

In 2016 I joined my good friend, Dr. Laurie Dohmen owner of Purple Moon Herbs and Studies, in creating the first hands-on Western Herbal medicine course for veterinarians in the United States. For the past 5 years I have been traveling and teaching some of my favorite topics: Western herbal medicine, animal hospice and palliative care, and self-care through the cycles of nature.

This has been an amazing journey and I have been so pleased to be able to offer high quality herbal treatments formulated to meet individual patients' needs. For additional information on useful supplements click here.