Speaking of Hospice and Herbs

This month I had the opportunity to spend a day speaking to veterinarians at the Midwest Veterinary Conference. I spoke for 6 hours about Integrative Medicine in Animal Hospice and Palliative Care, particularly herbal medicine and how it can be used to support animals in their geriatric years and to improve comfort at the end-of-life. In my practice, I use individualized herbal formulas to treat nausea, constipation and diarrhea, liver and kidney disease, skin conditions, pain and inflammation, as well as some infections and cancers. As an integrative veterinarian, I also use pharmaceutical medications when needed, but can often avoid their use by supporting the general well-being and healing capacity of the body with herbs and other complementary treatments.

I ended the day by talking about Compassion Fatigue and the importance of Self-Care for caregivers, including veterinarians and their staff, along with caregiving families dealing with the stress and increased needs of animal loved ones nearing the end of life. These are all topics that are near and dear to me. They speak to my overall approach to providing veterinary care that supports both the patient and the family, particularly during the difficult time as life draws to an end. Hospice and end-of-life care emphasize living the best Life possible during the time remaining.

I would much rather start these conversations sooner than later. Please
contact me if you would like a consultation about herbal supportive medicine for your geriatric animal or if you are struggling with end-of-life care decisions. These are difficult topics to bring up, but with some support and a plan in place, the challenges might be a bit easier to manage. I would like to be there to help.