Cat Friendly Veterinarian

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I have recently completed the new Cat Friendly Veterinarian certification course for the AAFP (American Association of Feline Practitioners). It gave me a chance to review the materials on their website for clients- Cat Friendly Homes. They have added many new pages of helpful tips for navigating life with a cat.

Cats are special creatures and many hold a place in my heart. They see the world a bit differently through the eyes of predator and prey. They have keen senses and are small enough to be very concerned for their own safety, while also being skilled at stalking and hunting. Many of the problems that we see with cats have more to do with us misunderstanding their needs and perspective than an actual problem with their behavior. If we are going to bring cats into our homes, we need to understand what makes them uncomfortable or frightens them because these are the very things that drive them to "inappropriate urination," scratching furniture, and so many challenging issues that can come up when living with a cat. What is stressful to a cat may be very different from what we might assume.

Cats are often solitary animals and need their litterboxes and feeding areas to feel sheltered and protected. Here is a great place to start
"What your cat needs to feel secure."

Cats can be very destructive to wild animal populations, particularly birds. Keeping them content indoors is a way for us to provide a home to the many cats in need and to enjoy their snuggly company without harming the environment. For more info on helping cats to enjoy the outdoors while protecting the birds at your feeder, check here. Cats can be harness trained for walks and an enclosed outdoor "Catio" can give them an opportunity to smell and interact with the natural world.

I have always appreciated the AAFP's handouts, guidelines, and educational information. This cat-friendly website is listed on my
resource page as well.

For more cat specific info see my
Cat Care page!